My name is Wiesław. I became interested in high-end audio 30 years ago when it was still an alien concept back in the mid ’80s in Poland. As time went on I noticed that many of my friends, while owning some admittedly great devices, greatly downplayed the role of audio cables in their systems. These days we realize that a single underperforming cable holds the whole system back but it was not as obvious in the ’90s. The implication that power cords influence sound was widely regarded as heresy. That is precisely why I decided to focus on this unfairly neglected field.


After having spent years on intensive tests I acquaintanced myself with most cables available on the market. Unfortunately, they mostly turned out to be completely mediocre products with fancy descriptions and price tags that would make Bill Gates think twice about buying them /there are, of course, exceptions/. I came to realize that state-of-the-art technical facilities are not an automatic guarantee of excellence and no amount of marketing mumbo jumbo describing the manufacturing process and sound will help. Feeling a deep sense of disappointment after buying an exquisitely wrapped cable heralded as the Second Coming by its manufacturer is probably a feeling all audiophiles know which is why I decided to utilize my experience and try my hand at creating my own brand. Bazodrut cables are the fruits of my labor. I would like to mention that my first products should not be compared to the more recent ones. Soundwise, it’s like night and day…


This site will not tell you what Bazodrut cables sound like. I intentionally chose to leave out descriptions of every model simply because I cannot guarantee that they will sound the way they do on my systems. An audio system is akin to a living organism that reacts differently to the most effective of medicines. I also will not tell you that my cables are the best simply because there is no such thing. There is no one best cable perfect for every system. The materials used in the manufacturing process are a secret because, in my opinion, the art of manufacturing cables is the ability to skillfully assemble those materials into a cohesive whole. There is likely an infinite amount of these combinations and it is impossible to achieve success without investing many years into studying them. To achieve it you need the following ingredients: carefully selected materials, sensitivity, a good ear for music, thorough tests and appropriate ‘measuring instruments’. You can see those instruments in the Gallery section.


As an owner of a Bazodrut cable you get the product of 30 years of experience. I’ve tested tons of devices, I’ve had hundreds of systems and spent thousands of hours listening to them, experimenting with them and comparing them. If you don’t have the time or the will for all of these but you want to unleash the full potential of your system then I will be delighted to lend you a model of your choosing to test in your own system. I assure you that the time spent with my cables will not be wasted.

With an audiophilic greeting – Wiesław Nadworski













Here you will find photos of select devices and systems that were used in the prototyping phase throughout the years.

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